PERSONA – The Complete English Academy - Profile

A course with Persona – The Complete English Academy can change your life - providing you with the knowledge, skills and performance in a second language which help you to excel in your job, win a promotion or a place at university. Whatever your goal we help you to achieve it while we challenge you to set yourself even more demanding targets.

Our unique course design, highly effective methods and positive, professional teachers all help to create a dynamic learning environment.

Our students are helped to develop positive beliefs about themselves and their ability to grow linguistically and in other ways to attain their goals. We use coaching techniques to make their progress visible to both themselves and others within the community.

Results focused
Our students are helped to achieve the results they need for the next stage in their life or career. Many take IELTS, PTE or TOEFL Exams.

We are proud of our positive, inclusive community of learners and staff. We understand that knowing about English is not enough – what is important is the ability to successfully use English in life.

English has emerged as the lingua franca in this competitive global scenario. Persona – The Complete English Academy endeavors to develop the intellectual, social, moral and greater understanding for the diversified learning potential of its students.